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Required registration information

Overview of CASP registration under MiCA, highlighting critical compliance areas from AML to IT infrastructure for a robust crypto-sector operation.

For entities aiming to register as a Cryptocurrency Asset Service Provider (CASP) under the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation, a thorough understanding of the application requirements is paramount. Article 62 § 2 of MiCA delineates the comprehensive information that must be included in the application.

Company Information Requirements (Article 62 § 2 a))
  • Entity Details: Provide the name and registration number of your company, along with the registered office address and contact information.

  • Management and Ownership: Furnish details about the directors, shareholders, and ultimate beneficial owners of the company.

Service Information (Article 62 § 2 d))
  • Service Overview: Describe the cryptocurrency asset services your company plans to offer.

  • Asset Handling: Detail the types of cryptocurrency assets your company will manage.

  • Wallet Management: Outline your company's wallet management services.

Compliance Information (Article 62 § 2 e)-i))
  • AML and CFT Policies: Describe your anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism policies and procedures.

  • CDD and KYC Procedures: Provide information on customer due diligence and know-your-customer processes.

  • Risk Management: Detail your company's risk management policies and procedures.

Financial Information (Article 67)
  • Financial Statements: Include balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

  • Financial Resources and Liquidity: Provide details on your company's financial stability and liquidity measures.

Systems and Security Information (Article 62 § 2 j))
  • IT Infrastructure: Describe your company's IT systems and infrastructure.

  • Data Security: Provide information on data storage, security measures, and privacy protocols.

  • Continuity Plans: Outline your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

Governance Information (Article 62 § 2 f))
  • Governance Structure: Detail your company's governance framework, including board composition and responsibilities.

  • Internal Audit: Describe the internal audit function and processes.

  • External Auditor: Provide information about your company's external auditor.

Other Information
  • Legal Compliance: Include details of your company's adherence to other relevant laws and regulations.

  • Legal Proceedings: Disclose any legal or regulatory proceedings against your company.

  • Insurance Coverage: Provide information about your company's insurance policies.

Tailoring Your Application

It is essential to recognise that the specific details required for a CASP registration under MiCA may vary based on the services offered and the unique circumstances of the company. The regulation mandates a meticulous approach to ensure that all necessary information is accurately and comprehensively provided. Consulting with legal or financial professionals who specialise in MiCA and cryptocurrency regulations is highly recommended to navigate the complexities of the application process successfully.

This guide serves as a foundational roadmap for preparing your CASP application under the MiCA framework. By adhering to these detailed requirements, entities can streamline their registration process, ensuring compliance and positioning themselves as credible and reliable providers in the cryptocurrency service market.

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